3 Psychology Tricks to Boost Your Sales

What are important keys to lure shoppers to buy your products or use your services? If you want to make an everlasting impression on shoppers and lure them to buy your products or use your services, take a look at these three psychology-based tips to boost your sales which brought to you by Mr. Joe, a business English trainer at English Today Surabaya.

  1. Evoke emotion over intellect

Scientists have found that emotion is a necessary ingredient to almost all buying decisions. Whether that purchase is your favorite ice cream or your dream house: We’re just lead by our feelings despite pro and contra in our mind about the product or service. So, instead of telling your prospects how awesome your product is by showcasing its features and specifications, tell them how it will make them feel when they use it. If you can evoke emotion in consumers, they’ll be more likely to form a connection with your brand and buy.

  1. Flaunt Your Expertise to Build Credibility

The more authoritative you are as the seller, the easier it is for potential customers to trust your sales pitch. If your prospects are skeptical or don’t fully trust you, they won’t be eager to buy your products or use your services.

So, how can you do this– especially if you’re doing cold outreach?

The answer is telling your prospects about the years of experience and expertise behind your products or services. If you sell software, boast about your visionary developers and engineers; if you sell a physical product, talk about the research behind your solutions.

  1. Use Storytelling to Make an Impact

Storytelling in sales is an important point to boost your sales. You can tell a relatable customer success story is more powerful than simply listing the benefits of your product or your service. Not only does telling a story allow you to connect more quickly with your prospects, it also helps you motivate your audience to take a desired action.


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