4 Soft Skills that You Need to Increase Your Sales

Mr. Daniel, an English sales skills trainer at English Today Surabaya would like to tell you about 4 soft skills that you need to increase your sales in the following interview.

ET: What are important soft skills that we need to increase sales of our products or services?

Mr. Daniel: The 4 soft skills that you need  to increase sales of your products or services are empathy, emotional intelligence, confidence and active listening skills.

ET: What makes empathy important in sales and how do we develop our empathy in order to increase sales of our products or services?

Mr. Daniel: It’s always important to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes – especially as a salesperson because when you’re able to understand what people might be thinking or how they might be feeling, you’re able to guide conversations in a productive way. Although, they may not remember what you said, but they’ll certainly remember how you made them feel and eventually they will more likely want to buy your products or use your services. In addition, the last thing you want in a sales situation is to have a customer feel you are keeping their best interests in mind. In addition, one of the best ways to develop your empathy is imagining yourself in your customer’s shoes.

ET: Suppose that I’m a salesperson. Why do I need to have emotional intelligence and how can I improve my emotional intelligence to boost my sales?

Mr. Daniel: A good question! When you’re an emotionally intelligent person, people naturally relate to you and want to follow your guidance. If you’re able to pick up on a prospect’s mood, you’ll be able to gauge how to proceed with conversations. In addition, with emotional intelligence, you will be able to perceive emotions, use emotions, understanding emotions and managing emotions to achieve your intended goals particularly to increase your products or services sales. Be mindful of your vocabulary is a great way to improve our emotional intelligence.

ET: You have mentioned that being confident is one of important soft-skills that we need to increase our sales. Would you like to tell us a practical strategy to improve our confidence?

Mr. Daniel: If you’re confident about what you’re selling, prospects will feel that confidence and “buy into” what you have to say because confident people inspire confidence in others. A practical strategy to improve your confidence is visualizing yourself as you want to be. Visualization is the technique of seeing an image of yourself that you are proud of, in your own mind. Practice visualizing a fantastic version of yourself will help you to achieve your goals include increasing your sales.

ET: What makes active listening skills important and how can we improve our listening skills?

Mr. Daniel: When you’re trying to sell a product or service and are focused on hitting your sales targets, you will more likely to fall into a pattern of badgering someone to buy from you and talking their ears off until they agree. However, I don’t recommend you to use this strategy. Instead, work on listening to your prospects. In many cases, they will tell you what they’re looking for – you just have to listen and you can ask questions to guide the conversation in a way that gets you the info you need, but avoid taking over the conversation. Listen to what your prospects have to say, and then determine the next best step for them. One of the greatest ways to improve your listening skills is resisting the urge to interrupt. When the speaker finishes or pauses, ask questions or make comments, if appropriate. Repeat what you just heard, if appropriate because this can help the speaker know that you were actively listening.


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