Business English Corporate Climbers Surabaya

Welcome to English Today’s premium service. Business English Corporate Climbers is a program designed to meet the needs of growing multinational companies, hotels and hospitals. Many companies in Jakarta has joined this program and now your company located in Surabaya or cities in East Java can also experience and join the service.

Business English Corporate Climbers is an 8-week class (twice per week) supported by various materials such as workbook, handout and others. This is an interactive program focusing on relevant industry and company ranging from hotels, banks, financial services and others. We have seen a huge improvement upon finishing Business English Corporate Climbers program in the participants’ English skills and confidence. The trainers for this program is well-experienced instructors directly involved in related industry and company. Here is the detail program of Business English Corporate Climbers.

Effective Meetings

  • Asking Questions & Clarifying
  • Reporting on Meetings
  • Opening a Meeting
  • Chairing a Meeting
  • Giving Opinions
  • Diplomatic Language
  • Dealing with Controversial Subjects

Excellent Telephoning

  • Greeting People
  • Taking Messages
  • Arranging Meetings
  • Changing Appointments
  • Handling Complaints
  • Making Polite Requests
  • Asking Direct & Indirect Questions
  • Exchanging Information

Negotiation Skills

  • Opening the Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Cultural Differences
  • Customer Wants
  • Supplier Wants
  • Bargaining & Closing
  • Tactics & Understanding

Perfect Presentations

  • Presentation Structure
  • Techniques
  • Innovation & Passion
  • Language Focus
  • Giving Information
  • Introducing Yourself & Your Topic
  • Linking Phrases
  • Personal & Impersonal Styles
  • Describing Trends, Charts & Graphs
  • Asking & Answering Questions
  • Visual Aids
  • Individual Presentation Practice