Corporate Climbers Surabaya

Business English Training Program in Surabaya

Do you need a Business English Training Program in Surabaya? Your employees who are in Surabaya need English language training in the business field? English Today is the solution for you. English Today’s Corporate Climbers training program is a highly innovative and interactive, skills-based Business English training program that you can customize to suit your needs.

Why is Corporate Climbers training program for you? Because this program offers a variety of focus that you can and choose. Starting from how to lead meetings, and negotiating the best deal on how to convey your team’s ideas and inspiration. You can define your own course by selecting the skills and topics you will best manage to succeed in world business.

Report Writing Excellence

Are you required to produce a structured and detailed report in English? This module will assist you in applying a consistent format for creating reports.

Socializing Confidence

Feeling nervous and don’t know what to talk about in social situations where you speak English? This module will help you communicate confidently and improve relationships with colleagues and clients.

Email Effectiveness

Unsure about composing and sending an email? This module can help you write effective and convincing emails. This module will develop your language skills and inspire your confidence, as well as provide references that you can use.

Presentation Skills

How can you tell a story, engage your audience, get them inspired and sell your product or idea. These modules provide a road map for delivering effective presentations.

Negotiation Skills

Difficulty negotiating what you have to do with English? This module will help you understand how to strategize and understand the phrases used in negotiations, as well as the specific language involved in negotiations.

Effective Meetings

Confused about how to deal with nervousness in leading a meeting that is conducted in English? This training module is oriented towards role playing as a tool and strategy to build your self-confidence faster.

From the modules that Corporate Climbers has, you can choose which module you or your company needs. So that you can apply the Business English training that you take in your life in the business world.