Delivering presentation in English

Do you have big ideas but can not tell it in English? You are not the only one. With English Today Surabaya, you will find your potential to be the most eloquent presenter.

All presenters have the spirit and enthusiasm in delivering their topic. This enthusiasm will be ‘spread’ to the audience naturally. A successful presenter has always been able to deliver the message to the listener. There are a lot of things to make and deliver a successful presentation. An interesting and unique content, a systematic delivery, effective visual tools and also some humour to enlighten the crowd will be the elements needed to take you to the final goal of presentation which is a clear understanding of your intended message.

What language style and structure help you make a convincing presentation?

English today helps you understand the key points used in an effective presentation. How to create a theme, intonation arrangement and effective visual tools will be discussed thoroughly in this program. As a presenter, the ability, speed and utilizing your voice in speaking to leave an unforgettable message is the most important aspect in your delivery. Your message will be more effective when you can control and manage your voice using stress, pauses, intonation, volume and silence at the right time.

A perfect presentation

  • Presentation Structure

  • Techniques

  • Innovation & Tips on boosting spirit

  • Communicative Language

  • Information Delivery

  • Introduction and Topics

  • Conjunctions

  • Personal and Impersonal Style

  • Describing Trends, Diagrams and Graph

  • Giving and Answering Questions

  • Using Visual Tools

  • Presentation Practice