Improving your pronunciation

Improving your pronunciation

When we learn foreign language, improving our pronunciation skills is one of the most important thing. Because, basically language is a tool, that we use to communicate with other people, both in written and verbal communication. Learning how to pronounce English words in a good way is actually very important aspect in learning English, but apparently most people forget about it and some people even ignore it. However, actually good word pronunciation is one way to be more related to the native speakers. If you don’t have good word pronunciation, it is possible that the message that you want to say, is not delivered well. The receiver or someone that you talk to, doesn’t really understand what you mean, and even they misinterpret the message, which can lead to a dead end communication and the frustration on your conversation partner.

Sometimes the native speakers don’t really pay any attention, if you use the correct structure or grammar, because they understand that English is not your mother tongue language. However good communication will happen if you can speak English with good and clear pronunciation, so your opponent speaker can understand what you want to say.

In English Today, our teachers can help you to improve your English pronunciation and also to reduce your accent. In English Today, our teachers will only be focusing on the individual words stressing, sentence intonation and English pronunciation.

Moreover, English Today Subaya also has some tips for you who wants to improve your confidence in communicating in English. Here are the following.

Building your confidence in speaking English

  1. Improving your English pronunciation.

If you want to be able to communicate with confidence in English, you may start it by improving your English pronunciation. If you have the ability to say words in English correctly, you will be able to convey your ideas and thoughts clearly and naturally. People will understand the message that you want to deliver and there will be no more frustrated misunderstanding on the spkoken theme. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable and confident to talk in English.


  1. Ask a lot of questions

Practice to communicate with other people by asking a lot of questions, because by asking questions, you will gain more information. Besides if you are the one who ask questions, you don’t have to speak up more. On the contrary, you will only need to listen carefully to you partner’s answers. In that way, you will learn how to pronounce the words correctl, learn how to arrange good sentences based on the correct grammar rules and practice your listening skills. So later, on other occasion you will be able to practice improving your skills with other partners. You will receive more input by listening more and on the other side, you can practice to communincate by involving directly in a middle of a conversation.

  1. Elevate your fluency with a little hesitation

It is undeniable that to be able to communicate in English fluently will be very helpful to help you building your confidence, especially when you are in a social and professional environment. One of the tips that you can use to elevate your fluency is by involving yourself in a lot of conversation. In that way you can practice to speak out. You don’t have to feel afraid in making mistakes, because in that way you will learn from your mistakes and fix it for the next time. .

The other tips is that you should start to speak in a moderate pace. Speaking fast doesn’t always mean that you can speak English fluently. It would be better if you speak slowly but the most important thing is, the message delivered and the other speaker understand what you mean. The other thing that you should avoid is, translating your mother tongue language directly to English, because it doesn’t sound natural and the use of inappropriate terms will confuse your partner.

  1. Speaking practice using the topics and themes that interest you the most

Use more opportunities to practice your speaking skills in many occasions, both formal or informal situations. You can choose topics or themes that you think is interesting for you. If you love travelling, you can talk about your favourite places, that you have ever visited. If your hobby is automotive, you can talk about the latest product released by one of factory, or you can even comparing between one product with different product from other factory. Or do you like cooking or culinary things? If so, you can talk aboaut signature dishes from each province in Indonesia or from various countries in the world. You can also talk about the newest restaurant in town and their favourite menu.

If you talk about something that you are familiar with, you will feel more comfortable because you know exactly what are you talking about. You can also actively involve in exchanging information with your partner, so the communication will happen both ways.

  1. Practice with professional teacher guidance.

By having guidance from professional and high quality English teacher, who can help you to elevate your communication skills effectively, you will not only have a chance to form your fluency in speaking, but also your accuracy. Your teacher can help you to correct the mistakes that you make, so you can learn from them and eventually your skills are upgraded to the next level of skills.

  1. Be more confident in speaking English in any occasions including at the office environment, face to face or even by the phone.

If you are able to improve your English pronunciation, elevate your fluency and accuracy in choosing the right terms in every context of situation, your confidence will elevate automatically. So finally you will feel comfortable in any environment, in formal or informal situation, both in your social and professional surroundings.