English for Adults Surabaya

Our English for Adults Surabaya programs can be taken in an office, at home or even online during these COVID-19 times. Our Business English program will prepare you to handle Negotiations in English, Meetings in English, Presentations in English and other business related topics.


English for Sales

This program focuses on stimulated role play activities that will take you through the sales process. Not only will you improve your English, but you will also refresh the sales process and most importantly improve your sales in English

English for CEOS

Leaders have specific English goals and limited time. We create custom designed programs that focuses on your needs when you need them. You tell us what you need and we will prepare it whether it is English for Meetings, English for Presentations, English for Negotiations or Business Writing in English.


English for Call Center and Telecommunications Professionals

Call centers teams and telecommunication professionals need to speak clearly and effectively. This course focuses on intonation, stress, style, specific day-to-day job specific target language and green and red words.


Hospitality English

Creating a unique customer experience and return business is essential to the survival of your business in this day and age. Participants will be taught through situational role-play, real life examples along with video and audio support.


English Conversation for Adults

Make warm, meaningful connections for all occasions, business, social and personal. With our English Conversation Program, you will never again let shyness get in the way of your success and speaking ability.

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