English Training in Surabaya

English Today has officially operated in Surabaya!

We provide English training in Surabaya for you who would like to join premium English learning programs with internationally qualified English tutors and relevant English skills. Keep scrolling down to find out more about our excellent English training in Surabaya.

Time Saving English Learning Programs

We genuinely care about your schedule and your needs to learn English. Therefore, we provide time saving English learning programs to help you reach your fullest potential in the English language. You don’t need to worry about the traffic and transportation because we’ll come to your place and according to your desired learning schedule.  Some of our English classes include the following:

  • English for Handling Complaints

Handling complaints effectively and efficiently requires exposure to a wide variety of situations and a lot of practice. This course was specifically designed to equip you with excellent skills on handle complaints through a lot of practice, simulations and interactive games. Sign up for English for handling complaints class now only at English Today Surabaya.

  • Information Technology Skills

This course provides insight to improve your English language skills particularly in the computing and information technology sector.