Online English Course in Surabaya

If you’re looking for an online English course in Surabaya, read through this article to find out the answer. English Today Online is now available as the most trusted online English learning platform. We maintain our commitment to give the utmost result of learning English just for you.

Let’s consider the following points of why you need to entrust us as your online English learning partner.

Professional English Teachers

We have more than 70 native and local professional English teachers to help you to improve your English skills. In addition, they have been teaching English to adults for years. Moreover, they are also mastering various interactive English teaching methods so you wouldn’t be bored nor sleepy during the lesson instead you’ll be looking forward to learn English more with them.

Applicative English Programs

We truly understand the value and importance of English for your career, business and your social life. Hence, we provide various applicative English programs that will enable you to pursue your goals in learning English. Some of our online English learning programs are the following:

  • Connected General English
  • VIP Telephone
  • TOEFL/IETLS Preparation
  • English for Conversation
  • Business English

Enroll in one of our online English programs now and get all the benefit.

Affordable Price

We offer high-quality and applicative English programs and professional English tutors at the most affordable price for you. You can learn English with ease anytime and anywhere by only investing IDR 1 million/package. There’s no other online English platform that offers this super affordable price, only at English Today Online.

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