The Power of Small Talk in Negotiations

Read this complete article to know everything about the ignored yet undoubtedly important power of small talk in negotiations and common remarks in small talk according to Mr. Dennis, a professional negotiation expert at English Today Surabaya.

What is a Small Talk?

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, a small talk means a polite conversation about things that are not important, often between people who are meeting for the first time. This interaction enables you to know people better. Hence, a small talk is crucial, specifically in business.

What Makes Small Talk Powerful?

Whether you are planning a new career ahead, you want to spend a little time with your co-workers, your are signing a crucial business deal, or you are just entertaining your friends, all this requires your ability to engage in small talk. Small talk is highly needed by almost everyone especially for those in business. Besides, small talk helps you to nurture a good image and relationship with your business clients.

Benefits of Engaging in A Small Talk

Here are some benefits of engaging in a small talk:

  1. It helps to create a lasting impression

Small talks provide people with lots of information in a very short time. With such talks, you can probe your terrain and sort out all the things, such as other person’s sensitivities or humor. As a result, they help you create a lasting impression on the other person.

  1. It enables you to create a pleasing introduction

Small talk helps you to create a warm atmosphere before engaging in other functional topics of conversation. It enables them to sense others’ mood and signal their own mood to develop a strong connection.

  1. Small talk smoothens your negotiations

Small talk helps you and the other party to build a strong connection. Consequently, it helps you to smoothen your negotiations and make the other party more likely to accept your ideas, deals and offers.

Common Remarks in a Small Talk

What are the common remarks and what to avoid in a small talk? Don’t hesitate to register for a business English negotiation skills training at English Today Surabaya. Our business English experts would be delighted to help you master the art of small talk. Take your business and career to the next level with our fine-tuned business English trainings.

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