What is the TOEFL?

Test of English as Foreign Language or TOEFL is an English language proficiency test to test the ability of foreign speakers. These exams are administered by ETS (English Testing Service) located in the United States. Learn more about TOEFL preparation class

TOEFL is one of the requirements needed for those who want to continue studying at the undergraduate level to doctoral degrees at almost all universities in the United States and Canada. Not only that, some companies – whether multinational or international level start requiring TOEFL scores as a sign of recruitment or promotion promotion. Likewise with several government agencies, either the ministry or state-owned enterprises.

Don’t let your low TOEFL test score ruin your chances of studying abroad and completing your education on time. Prepare your TOEFL test with us. English Today’s team has a lot of experience teaching the fastest and easiest way to get the highest TOEFL score and at the same time provide a positive and fun learning experience. 

How to Learn

Learning at English Today is still done online and you can choose to private English lesson or with your study group. You can only set flexible learning times, but you can also determine who you want to learn with. We have experienced native and local-speaking teachers who have the same quality.
The number of courses that are not too large makes the teacher more focused on helping you achieve the success of the TOEFL exam later.

Equipped with complete material and must be guided to practice using sophisticated support applications, will make your TOEFL test preparation more effective and efficient. Likewise, the support of our highly experienced teaching standards will make you more confident.

In addition, English Today also has an online self-study application, which contains training modules that you can access at any time via a personal computer, laptop, tablet or cellphone, as a consolidation of the material that you have obtained from learning in class.

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